Hot UK Transsexual Adventures

Luci May goes to her friend Karen’s house to console her after she and her boyfriend broke up. Little did hot U.K. tranny Luci May know was that this little visit was going to be one delicious nut busting experience! Luci May left the club straight away and went to Karen’s house dressed in her sexy Vinyl dress and black thigh high stockings. Upon arriving to Karen’s house, Karen served Luci some drinks as she cried about losing Harry.

Luci May consoled Karen by giving her a heartfelt hug and kiss and that is when things began heating up. Karen looked deeply into Luci May’s eyes and gave her a deep kiss that Luci opened herself up to completely. She was surprised at first but the minute they locked lips the two U.K. transsexuals began pawing over one another getting hornier by the minute. Karen then gives Luci May a tranny blowjob that of course ends up leading to more delicious transsexual XXX fun!

Luci May Settle in For Solo T-Girl Wank

Amateur U.K. tranny babe Luci May is one smoking hot piece of ass. This sexy transsexual loves all things fetish related like smoking, pantyhose, spanking, bondage and just about anything kinky anyone can dream up. This hot scene features the gorgeous t-girl having some much needed solo tranny time. Luci May is in her flowery blue dress and her sexy panties along with her thigh high stockings.

The silky fabric of her panties rubs on her hardening shaft making her hornier by the minute so she settles in for a naughty afternoon solo t-girl wank. Closing her eyes, Luci May is in a salacious world all her own as she pumps her tranny cock. Luci May’s breathing begins to quicken and it’s evident that the hot U.K. t-girl is about to blow her full load. It isn’t long before Luci May is erupting in sticky delight!

A Hot UK Tranny Encounter

Luci May takes a weekend trip to Paris and meets Jean, a bona fide U.K. tranny lover. She meets Jean at the Louvre where Luci May goes to relax surrounded by beautiful art. When t-girl Luci May met Jean at the museum they left and had a cappuccino at a local café nearby where they got to know each other better. The chemistry they shared was palpable so it comes as no surprise that the pair hooked up quickly.

Jean invited Luci May over to his flat where they got to know each other better. After serving Luci May a drink to lower her inhibitions, Luci began giving Jean a hot U.K. transsexual blowjob. This of course led to Luci May getting a sexy spanking from Jean. Reddening Luci May’s scrumptious U.K. tranny ass good, Jean then fucks her tight transsexual hole making her scream in pure ecstasy.

Fetish Smoking and T-Girl Blowjobs

Luci May’s U.K. tranny site has a bit of everything. There is fetish smoking, crossdressers, solo t-girl masturbation, crossdressers and tranny babes having sex and much more. This hot scene has Luci May’s crossdressing friend Tina smoking a cigarette sexily as she sucks Luci May’s hard U.K. transsexual cock. It’s a white-hot scene that shouldn’t be missed. Luci May is wearing her sexy thigh high nylons and sexy yellow dress that is hiked up and when Tina sees the unmistakable bulge poking through the fabric she gets hungry for some hard tranny schlong.

Tina continues leaving her long 120 cigarette lit as she simultaneously takes drags from her cigarette as she sucks Luci May’s throbbing t-girl dick. This causes Luci May to crave a cigarette herself so she lights one up taking a sexy deep inhale as Tina French inhales and gobbles up dick. The hot multi tasking that goes on here is intense and seeing a crossdresser blowing a sexy transsexual is a real treat to witness!

Hot T-girl Masturbation with Luci May

Hot U.K. t-girl babe Luci May is one very horny tranny but she is sans a cock to fuck so she takes matters into her own hands and jerks herself off. Luci May begins by first slipping into one of her favorite pink negligees and applies her makeup on perfectly then lies back on her couch to get comfortable. The hot U.K. tranny plays with her small tits and begins thinking about her most recent t-girl fucking session that included herself and her new beau Jon.

Jon is Luci May’s boyfriend and loves eating her transsexual ass out before fucking it hard each and every time. Luci’s thoughts took her back to that hot tranny sex encounter where Jon banged her in the bathroom hard after a sexy bubble bath. He stretched her t-girl ass and made her scream and these are the tantalizing thoughts that swirled through Luci May’s head as she jerked herself off relentlessly.